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Dominating From The “T”

One of my lessons from last week was on the squash court. I played one of the best games I’ve played this year! One of the fundamental lessons my coach taught me in high school was the importance of the “T”. Let me explain. The “T” on the squash court is sort of the (technical) […]

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When We Stand

When we stand in the face of adversity we: Give life to the possibility of victory further Allow ourselves to grow stronger Get wiser Teach ourselves that it can be done Tell others it can be done… Encourage and inspire others to do the same Build credibility to speak into the lives of others that […]

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Why Work Doesn’t Happen At Work

This is a talk by Jason Fried. I seem to always get more done at home than at the office. There are some other things he brings up. You have to watch it! . . I’ve taken away a few more things… hope you got something out too!

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The Speed Of Learning

Last week I was in a conversation with a couple of friends and we got to talking about how people respond differently to the same thing. Among the things we discussed, was how people not only have different personalities but learning styles as well.