How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Ever wondered how leaders inspire people to action? How do people build a great following for their cause? Simon Sinek offered some challenging thoughts on a talk at TED. (sound is not the best in the first few minutes, but worth the watch) What do you think you could use from Simon’s talk?  

The Underrated Success Enabler

I think I am one of the most fortunate people on the face of the earth! I’ve had the privilege of having countless people as examples on how to do life and lead, among other things. For my entire life I’ve been surrounded by people with a desire to not only see me succeed but […]

The Importance of ‘The Remnant’

I work with a couple of different teams in different contexts. One of the teams of young people I work with a tenure of a year. We’ve just commenced training for this year’s team and  I’ve got a lesson I think would be beneficial to leaders that lead with similar teams or on a project […]

Dealing With The Ghosts Of My Predecessors

I shared about the ghosts of my predecessors I encountered… In the previous post on this, I stated that I’ve not always been the pioneer but a successor. Learning to deal with some of the things we encounter as successors has a significant bearing on what our leadership in the new team or organization will be […]