In Samson’s Eyes

Perspectives¬†are not “one size fits all deal”. The lens with which we see determine our actions. In making decisions about the lives and gifting God has given us we must be careful we’re not doing what seems God in our eyes. Then he went on down and spoke to the woman. In Samson’s eyes, she … Continue reading In Samson’s Eyes

Confronting For A Change

At some point every leader has to address something that they or their team may find uncomfortable. There are issues that can never be let alone and must be addressed. It is always the leader’s responsibility to address the elephant in the team or organization. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. When confronting your team: But … Continue reading Confronting For A Change

Learning Effective Communication From Jesus

When I think of some of the greatest communicators, I’d never leave out Jesus. He was so captivating he could get crowds of 5,000 plus (no social media!).

I guess the miracles also helped but that wasn’t the sum of why people desired to be in His audience. It’s every communicator’s dream to have a captive audience. When I observe how He communicated there are some communication ‘must dos’.

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