What Giving Responsibility Can Do

Last week I reflected on a period of about 5 weeks I allowed the team to take lead in areas I normally lead. During that period I was there as an observer and for (moral) support and allowed the team to call all the shots. OK, OK I was also there for quality control purposes.

There; it’s out. I was also there for quality control purposes. Come on, I’m a leader concerned about our quality and standards… In fact, if you’re leader, I hereby give you permission to snoop. Yeah, snoop…

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Quitting While Ahead?

The old saying “quit while you’re ahead” is more than meets the eye. One of the¬†interpretations is “call it a day while the going is still good”. There are instances where this may be sound advice… I was thinking about areas I’ve grown in and I realized there is an area that I am happy … Continue reading Quitting While Ahead?