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More Space and Less Things

I enjoy spending time with Ingrid. (Just as well, she’s my wife! :)) Counting the number of conversations we’ve had would be a futile exercise. A few days ago we spoke briefly about space and things in our home. It was not a long conversation but, for me, turns out to be one that I […]

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The clues to a great story

At different times in our lives, careers and organizations we contemplate the stories that we want to leave behind. The stories we want posterity to tell of us. To find inspiration through us. Interestingly, we find inspiration from stories that we hear from or about other people. From the movies we watch. There is something […]

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Starting Your Day For Productivity

It matters how you start your day. Your productivity depends on it! I have a couple of things I’ve learned about myself that may be helpful for you too. Sleep in: It sounds counterproductive but it really isn’t. I got this from a talk, “Dead Leader Running”, by Wayne Cordeiro at one of the Willow […]

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St Thomas Aquinas’ Prayer

One’s prayer life is often a great indicator of how their walk is. Shallow relationship with God is often a product of a lack of prayer. Intimacy with God is often a product of prayer. The quality of prayers (for a lack of a better terms) is indicative of where we are in our walk […]