Making Teams Fit For Performance

After covering certain mileage it is wise to take your car in for a service. Failure to do so can create greater challenges and breakdown in the long run. The same applies to teams.  As you work, you get worn out. As people work closely, relationships can strain. You may be working in the same space […]

372 Days In Marriage – Meeting Other Marrieds – Part 2

(I’ll start with a disclaimer: I am no marriage expert. My intention is to share our experiences from my perspective so far. I was a little hesitant on posting this one, hope it helps someone or starts conversations and thoughts that do) This is the second post in the series 372 days in marriage. In the […]

372 Days In Marriage – For The Never Married – Part 1

So, I’ve had this idea for a while but when I started bettering the drafts I had written a while ago, Ingrid and I had been married 372 days. Hence I’ve decided to call the series “372 Days in Marriage“. I thought to share some of our experiences so far from my perspective. I hope […]