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A Blind Spot in Leadership and Organizational Development

Your leadership and enterprise will only grow as far as your commitment to see them grow. Organizations do not grow out of thin air. It takes effort, great effort. You can never be a great leader without great effort. It is folly, to say the least, to expect a return where there has not been […]


Leadership Lessons From Julius Malema in Lonmin Tragedy

Being discharged as the African National Congress’ (ANC) youth leader has not stopped Julius Malema from gracing platforms on what has been dubbed the Marikana / Lonmin Tragedy. According to Mail & Guardian and News 24, Malema blamed the government for the “massacre”. He is also said to be assembling a legal team to help free […]

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Where Are Your Ears

In the previous post I wrote about using feedback as a growth strategy. I ended the post by highlighting that feedback is not just about getting to know all the areas of your shortcomings; it is about listening and leveraging whatever you hear for your growth. (This post will be more helpful if you follow […]

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Feedback as Your Leadership Growth Strategy

Leadership is dynamic. Numerous factors affect the effectiveness of your leadership. The external environment may present challenges for growth, but growth in your leadership depends on you more than anything else. In moving your enterprise forward embrace the fact that it is not only dealing with your external environment that will give you the edge, […]

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What Having Different Perspectives In A Team Means

Having different perspectives in a team means a lot of things. People will never always see the same. Resolution on a particular matter is not the same as having the same perspectives. You can reach consensus by working through differing perspectives. With different perspectives being inevitable, it is worth exploring what having different perspectives in […]