Reflections From We Run Jozi – Others (Part Two)

This post is a part of a series of my reflections from Nike’s We Run Jozi 10K 2012. Subscribe by email or RSS not to miss upcoming posts in the series. You can also check out the previous posts in the series here.   SANDTON & ALEXANDRA We ran from Sandton and then through Alexandra, […]

Reflections From We Run Jozi – Part One (The Crowd)

I will be doing a series from my experience(s) and reflection from Nike’s We Run Jozi. Subscribe by email or RSS to ensure you don’t miss a post in this series ;-) Running a long distance race has always been one of those dreams I’ve had. After my experience I now have a better idea. […]

Building a Following

No doubt, no man is an island. Nor can one man accomplish anything significant on his own. This calls for abilities and strengths in others around him. Enlisting support is necessary for realizing vision. However, there is something everything heretic (must) understand(s). Everyone Heretic leaders must learn not to try to get everyone involved in their […]