Be Wary

Be wary of those who say, “It cannot be done”. Especially those who have not attempted any great feats. Be wary of listening to those who tell you not to try again. Especially those who speak out of discouragement and self-pity. Attempt great feats. Stand up when you fall. Be persistent. bold. Be /ˈherətik/. Continue reading Be Wary

Future Vault

The future is often viewed as something distant. Involving a journey of some sort. It is perceived as ‘that place’ we will get to and get to where certain things happen. Some of the “certain things” said to be for the future are seen a lofty. We dismiss them as unattainable in the now because … Continue reading Future Vault

What Does It Mean?

We’re consuming more information than we ever did. Largely due to the fact that it is getting easier and easier to create and share. Information is increasingly more accessible. Successful leaders know information is important. The challenge, however, is identifying which information is relevant. Perhaps more than that, which information is important now? Which information … Continue reading What Does It Mean?

Geoffrey Moore

Innovators and Early Adopters — are visionaries. They want revolutionary change, something that sets them apart qualitatively from their competitors. They are willing to take enormous risks. The early majority by contrast, have to worry about any change fitting into their complex arrangement of suppliers and distributors. “If the goal of visionaries is to make … Continue reading Geoffrey Moore

Value Translation

The forex exchange exists to translate the value of one currency from one environment to another. I don’t really understand how they arrive at the value of US$1 being different from one place to another. But, the fact stands; a US$1 in the U.S. does not bear the same value in South Africa. ‘Value translation’ … Continue reading Value Translation