Leadership And The “R” Word

From my 13th right up to my 21st birthday there was one word that my dad always repeated. I hated the “speeches” but they were true. They were not only true in one area of life but applies across the board. One word that my dad always repeated and spoke about was… #drum roll#: RESPONSIBILITY. […]

Paying Homage to Culture

Change is inherently contrary. To change your world, the world, you must be comfortable going against the culture in which you or your cause exists. Why must you pay attention to the culture? The Answer is rather simple. Because culture is what sustains anything. Paying homage to culture is about understanding its impact and how […]

What To Consider When You Appoint Caretaker / Interim Leadership

I wrote a post, “Why You Should Never Appoint Caretaker / Interim Leaders” that explored some reasons why caretaker or interim leaders may not be a great for the long-term of your enterprise. However, Michael made a valid point in commenting, that sometimes leadership finds itself with its back against the wall. Thus in instances […]

Why You Should Never Appoint Caretaker / Interim Leaders

Transition is at the core of leadership. Leadership is about change and there can be no worthwhile change if there is no movement from the present into a well-planned future. Besides transitions affecting enterprises, leadership itself has to navigate a lot of transitions. Enterprises face challenges at an abrupt departure of a key leaders or […]

Growing the Heretic Leader and His Vision

For continued effectiveness, heretic leaders need to be constantly growing. The greater you grow the greater your ability to not only challenge but shatter inhibiting status quo. Growing leaders are bolder with each endeavor. Growth of leaders will always translate to greater impact of the cause they champion. Leaders can get consumed with tweaking the […]