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Learning From Bono | Changing The World

I wish I was at TED 2013. I followed Bono’s talk on Twitter and the TED blog. Wow Bono, the U2 front man, is passionate about music and world change. He is also co-founder of the ONE campaign, a movement fighting the injustice of extreme poverty. I’m sure when U2 started Bono never dreamed that his […]

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How Bad Followers Make Great Leadership Development Resource

Leadership is about influencing people toward making a vision a reality. It involves innumerable dynamics. One of the greatest, if not the greatest dynamic, is the human one. As much as leaders are not perfect, so are followers. Every leader has at least one ‘bad follower’ at a certain time or all the time.

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Addressing The Fear Of Only One Masterpiece

It takes work to change the world. Do not believe the naysayers who say you cannot change the world. There are too many examples of people whose impact on history and humanity are clear. World change is possible. It may not be instant or in one area. It is heretics who changed history. Their seemingly […]


Writers, Piracy and Obscurity

  it doesn’t make sense to hold on to your work because you’re scared of being copied. your work can make no difference without being released.   for more, check out Michael Hyatt‘s post, “How to Protect Your Intellectual Property Online“

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How To Silence The Critics

For every attempt there are a million critics. Critics are chickens. Most of them criticize to bring you down to their level: being too scared to dare to do anything. Critics are too scared to do something and want other people to join them in their fear. Critics never see possibility. Some of them criticize […]