Why You Have No Power To Make Your Vision Happen

There is not one thing that determines whether your vision happens. Wait. There is one thing that determines whether you fulfill your vision. More in a moment…

Pursuing your cause involves bringing together many things to make one machine. It involves bringing together a team, finding resources and getting word out about who you are and what you do.

A greater world and enterprises cannot be created without change. The greater comes to be when the status quo is shattered.

Heretics are those who challenge and shatter the status quo to make way for the greater.


image by  billsoPHOTO | cc
image by billsoPHOTO | cc


Challenging the status quo is already a challenge on its own because people’s general disposition toward change is resistance.

Everyone bringing about change will have opposition. Every heretic has to guard against giving in despite challenges faced.

When it looks like you are not winning what are the reasons you give. Are you at the point of giving up?

List all your challenges. List everything that is in the way of your vision.

When you start acknowledging some things as the reason you cannot do what you have initially set out to do, you have handed over the power to make your vision happen to them.

The reason you feel helpless when it comes to making your vision happen is because you have handed over the power to make it happen.

Anything you magnify as a reason you cannot make your vision happen owns you. It will dictate more and more, the more permission you give it.

Sometimes it is people we use as your reason. It can be your own inadequacies, your fear or risk. Or is the bad apples in you team?

Every heretic wonders whether they are what they need to be to achieve what needs to be achieved.

Back to the beginning… the one thing that determines whether you will make your vision happen is you.

Stop looking for permission from everyone to change things for the greater. Act now and they will thank you later.

You are the one who determines what or who has the power to hold you back. Who have you given the power to dictate whether your vision happens? Be bold. Be /ˈherətik/.


More Than Logo; Understanding And Translating Your Brand

Don’t mistake logo for brand. Your logo is not your brand. It is only a part of your brand. It is a representation of who you are. More like the hairstyle you wear that sets you apart from other people.

It is your dress style and your walk that your friends use to spot you from a distance. Because your logo represents you, you must give a great deal of attention to it.

But the attention you give to that representation must not overtake the action that is supposed to reinforce.

You can have a great logo with a bad brand and a bad logo with a great brand.

your brand is more than just one thing; it is a collection of everything you are and do  || image by  Cordey | cc

your brand is more than just one thing; it is a collection of everything you are and do

|| image by Cordey | cc


A great logo will not save your reputation from bad service. A great logo can become a symbol of all things bad no matter how good it is, if the service that backs it fails to meet the needs and expectations of those you serve.

Your brand is the totality of who you are. It is the heart with which you do what you do. It is (what should be) the unique flair with which you make the world a better place.

It is how you live out who you are and who you say you are. Your brand is the experience you create for those you serve as you make your products or services available to them.

Your brand is integrity or the lack of it. It is giving value in a memorable and client considerate service. Or not.

Your brand is an integration of all the systems in your organization. It is how your team serves each other as they work toward delivering to those you serve.

It is not just how you treat your clients; it is also how you treat each other. It is how you interact with your suppliers.

Your brand is reflected in how your team feels in delivering to your target market.

Your team and suppliers must have the same experience you aim to deliver to your clients. That is the essence of brand integrity.

When you think about your brand, do not just thing about how you are perceived by the clients loyal to you. Do not think about how the world sees you but consider the totalities of the experience you give all round.

Who is your “brand self”?

Brand Integrity; A Secret To Brand Loyalty


"In the event of an emergency get your oxygen mask on first before assisting children… and passengers acting like them. 

Welcome to Lanseria Airport, if this is not where you want to be, you've got some serious issues…"

You will hear something like this on a typical Kulula flight.

Kulula, a South African domestic airline, is the perfect case study of brand integrity. They are consistent. Kulula makes it on my list of favorite airlines. Not only from airline experience but also from a brand perspective because of how obvious they are about who they are.

Besides lessons of being a brand, Kulula is a great resource for leadership lessons. In case you haven’t already, you have to read this post, which shares another secret for brand loyalty.


being consistent with the brand experience to those you serve is key in keeping them loyal to your brand


If your eyes were closed and you heard a Kulula ad that didn’t mention their name you would know it is Kulula. That’s because they are obvious. They are not some stuck up, uptight, prim and proper airline. This brand is a person.

It is that friend with a great sense of humor. The guy you’d go to a party not for the sake of the party but to hang with. The staff seems to take on the character of the same person. Either they have some intensive humor training so humor flows through their service teams or they only hire funny people.

(Hey Kulula, if you are reading this, I’d like to know how you keep it funny. PS: can you throw in an interview? I mean, can I interview you?)

Did I mention it is also just the right amount of funny? Not too much it’s corny and boring and not too little you ask for more. Just the right amount of funny.

This airline embodies the efficient P.A. everybody wants. I’ve received reminders about flights. It may not be a big deal for you, but it matters to me. Especially when you had the wrong day and or time for your flights.

Simple, small things make a big difference in brand experience. What do you love about some of your favorite brands?

Beware The Pigeonhole

If Leonardo DA Vinci lived now and was looking for a job what do you think he’d look for? Artist? Biologist? Inventor? Maybe one or none of them. How about this: Leonardo has the following attributed to him: painter, sculptor, architect, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist and writer.

Imagine he was told to have focus and he narrowed his activities to painting. He would not have invented the ball bearing, or the parachute, or diving suits, or city planning, or musical instruments…

If DA Vinci had to focus on just his engineering and inventing, well, stuff, there would be no last supper painted. Wait! There would be no Mona Lisa painted! Catastrophic.

beware the pigeonhole

beware the pigeonhole

I could go on with the other disciplines that Leonardo’s curiosity drew him into, that I could break down but I’m sure you get the picture. Imagine Leonardo Da Vinci having to fill out occupation on a form!

Yes, it’s true; Leonardo did not complete some of his work. I guess he got bored to easily, too quickly. Maybe he felt the pressure to return to something he had put on hold. Oh, the curse of genius!

Despite this, he accomplished what thousands of generations after him continue to build on. Interestingly, some of his work has created careers. Can you believe there are people who specialize in studying Da Vinci’s work?

People actually get paid to look at paintings and say stuff about them! Woe to them if Leonardo had not painted some of his unfinished paintings, they would be jobless!

Even Da Vinci’s unfinished work changed the world.

The point is rather simple. At least to me, it is…

Blessed are those who have found one the one thing to focus on. If they are happy to expend everything about themselves on that one thing then great… [English Accent] Good on you Johnny!

Woe to those who bear Leonardo’s curse. The ones whose curiosity draws them in numerous directions. Those whose passions and skills stretch them in different directions. It is not an always and easy journey.

Those whose gifts taunt them and cause the to defy the box of one pursuit. Those who dare to walk down the path of exploring what they can make of the dreams and skills they carry. Those… may just create jobs for those who come after them.

Perhaps the ones who focus on just the one thing are too scared to fail. Perhaps they were told to focus on their strengths. All well-intentioned advice

But how will you know you have many strengths if you do not explore the possibility? Dare.

Is God so limited that he could only give you one thing as He placed you on earth? Is it possible that we can do a very good job of robbing ourselves by allowing ourselves to settle in the grind of what we studied?

Are we really supposed to live lives in the bondage of carefully navigating the illusive boundary lines of the boxes we have been made to occupy?

I’m more than convinced that you are not one-dimensional.

If you suffer from the itch of Da Vinci, don’t let the many possibilities paralyze you. As you work toward one thing, find ways of moving the others along, even if slowly.

One who moves slowly is farther than the one who has not moved at all.

Will it be the one thing? Or, will it be making daring yourself to pick up a brush, or dancing shoes, or some engineering and design work… Whatever you do, choose your poison wisely and drink it merrily.

Whatever you pursue or decide to do, it is can be a tool to change the world.

Remember the words of Leonardo Da Vinci: Beware the pigeonhole… Be bold. Be /ˈherətik/.