Why Waiting On The World To Change Will Never Work

John Mayer is a great musician. A musician who’s wrong about changing the world. He’s completely missed the point to changing the world. One of the favorite songs from him is a song I don’t agree with. His song, “Waiting For The World To Change” is a philosophy no one should live by. I love […]

Lies and Truth: When We’ll Do Our Greatest Work

No one is more responsible for great work from you, than you.You are definitely one of your obstacles. You lie to yourself and so many other people who you might have stopped realizing that you’re actually lying. Here are some lies and truth on when we’ll do our greatest work:

Leaders and Myths In Communicating Change

Leadership is about change. Unlike managing, it is about constantly creating. Defining. It is about making a world that was only imagined a reality. Leading people is about causing them to fall in love with a future that is not tangible. A vision. This can only happen through change. Leaders’ ability and effectiveness is not […]