Why Waiting On The World To Change Will Never Work

John Mayer is a great musician. A musician who’s wrong about changing the world. He’s completely missed the point to changing the world. One of the favorite songs from him is a song I don’t agree with. His song, “Waiting For The World To Change” is a philosophy no one should live by.

I love the song. Great tune. Great piece of music, but terrible motto.

Waiting on the world to change is not going to change the world in any positive way. Here’s why waiting on the world to change will never work:

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How Hot Are You?

Stop telling people how hot you are, just start melting stuff !!! #ArtistTip — IG: dj_eazy (@djeazy) May 17, 2013 DJ Eazy is on point… Nothing speaks louder than things you’ve done. Only talking about your intentions isn’t the greatest way of doing thing that matter. Talking about how awesome you are doesn’t help anyone … Continue reading How Hot Are You?