Things You Shouldn’t Pay Attention To, In Changing The World

In challenging the status quo, to make things greater, you have to pay careful attention to some things. You must be focused. Your focus determines how well you will change your world, and the world at large. Focus means choosing to pay attention to some things. At the same time it means be intentional about […]

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Communication | Leading A Frustrated Team [Part 6]

This is post number six in the series on leading frustrated teams. Leaders are proved in times of unrest. Captains are tested by stormy seas and disgruntled crews. You haven’t led until you’ve led in times of unrest. Unrest in the environment your enterprise works and unrest with your team. To effectively lead a frustrated […]


Three Things That Aren’t A Leader’s Responsibility

Leaders can be ineffective when they don’t understand their role. When a leader doesn’t understand his role fully he can easily get caught up in what he shouldn’t be involved in. There are things that can never divorced from leading. And, there are also things that you must steer away from if you’re going to […]

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Two Questions | Why You Must Love Obscurity

Obscurity can feel like a curse. In a sense it is. The thing is, whatever we create, we create with the intention of making some sort of difference. Whether you’re a creative or leader, nothing you ever create will make a difference unless you release to do so. This means letting your work out. It […]

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Greg Darley

Every person who joins your team is a walking billboard for your vision. People will connect that person to you and your vision whether you want them to or not. Remember, character is not who the person wants to be, but who the person actually is.