8Bit: How Your Clients Must Feel If You Closed Doors

I just discovered that 8Bit is closing doors and I am, devastated. 8Bit is the company that built Standard Theme, the theme I used to use (changed theme in July 2015) on this blog (writing this on 31 August 2013). Besides the community I have in relationships with people I meet offline and my experience […]

YOU | Dealing With Frustration As A Leader

As a result of the ongoing series on Leading A Frustrated Team, I’ve received a number of requests from leaders asking me to write about how to deal with frustration as a leader. It is one of those things that cannot be completely separated from leading. Frustration, I mean. You can never address anything that […]

Chasing Awesome

The challenge to editing your own value system is that the world will constantly try to convince you that the world will constantly try to convince you that you’ve got it wrong. When you walk out of the mine holding your diamonds in your hand, the rest of the world may try to convince you […]

Building A Culture Of Innovation | TOGETHER

Ideas are innovation currency. Where they are not esteemed or given room to be explored there is no innovation. I wrote about this in the first post of the series. In that post it is apparent that leaders must be open to hearing out those they lead when it comes to ideas. Another dynamic is […]