The Privilege Of Leading

When was the last time you heard that phrase; “The Privilege Of Leading”? Have you ever? Leaders do get a platform when they champion a cause. For that reason they will get attention. Unfortunately, in the midst of that it becomes easy to get what leadership means a little mixed up. Our celebrity culture doesn’t […]

How We Complicate Making A Difference

There’s something we all carry on the inside, a desire to do something that matters. To make some sort of difference. While we carry this innate desire, we also can do some things and not all things. We have limitations. Mental Some of the limitations we have when it comes to connecting with this need […]

Expect… Michael

I’m probably one of the most spoilt people on earth. I’m privileged; surrounded by amazing people. Ingrid stands out as number one. She’s amazing. She’s taught me a lot about being real. About being pragmatic… Wait, this isn’t about Ingrid though. Before Ingrid there was Michael. I honestly think I got the best and coolest […]