Hashtag Fun

Hung out with an awesome bunch of people who reminded me of the importance of having fun… Sometimes one has to create his / her own moments. Never let life just happen to you, be intentional about it. Live a little Published via Pressgram Continue reading Hashtag Fun

Blogging Again [#DP365]

  Besides my short form blogging through Pressgram, I’m getting back onto my ‘serious’ long form blogging seat. Blogging helps me reflect and grow. It is my ‘public journal’ and also serves a “note-to-self”. I love blogging… Something that helps me process for my growth first and others second. Not selfishness; just a fact. Is … Continue reading Blogging Again [#DP365]

Community [#DP365]

Great hanging out with awesome, great people. Appreciating the community… Life is best lived when it is shared. No man is a piece of land surrounded by water. Apparently even studies show that stress can be halved by having community and relationships where you can offload and share… Who do you have around you? That … Continue reading Community [#DP365]