Hello Sun

Nice to see the sun after a couple of days of rain. Not all days are the same. Each day deposits something different from another. The only thing the same about it each is that they all have potential. What will you do with today? Progress is as as simple as doing a little more … Continue reading Hello Sun

Weather [#DP365]

One of the jokes I’ve heard in relation to the differences in Johannesburg and Cape Town weather: “Johannesburg has climate and Cape Town has weather” We’ve had rain for last couple of days. Is winter early? Published via Pressgram Continue reading Weather [#DP365]

At A Time, In Time

One of your frustrations as a leader, at some point, if not all the time, is not being able to do everything at one go. I hate constraints. Managing and or leading is almost a management of constraints. I hate that I can’t make everything happen at one go. If only it was that easy. … Continue reading At A Time, In Time