While We’re Busy Being Experts Of Why Others Are Wrong Or Succeeding

Listening to all the disses and praise of the iPhone 6 and 6 plus, reminded me of how many will never do anything significant with their lives. It has shown me how little we pay attention to history. Not in the sense of the past, but how it is being made, today.

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Why Online Publishing Matters For Individuals And The World

There is no way I could’ve ever lived in a time before this. I say this in the context of our world of technology, the Internets and especially online publishing. I’m too wise to think that the aforementioned are at the zenith. Far from it. There are advancements and technological applications we’re yet to dream of and actualize.

For now, I’ll restrict this post to why online publishing matters for individuals and the world. I was going to try and place everything separately but these two are connected in and I’d like to ’talk’ about them on this premise.

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Why I Want To Go First

So, I made it into the alpha testers of the DeskPM (Desktop Publishing Machine)! Woot! I’m writing and will publish this post using this, so far very cool, and writing inspiring app. It is clean. Simple and no distraction writing app. From Pressgram to this, John is onto something…

Anyway, I was thinking about what to write about, then, it hit me: I thought to write about why I like being first. Why do I love running ahead and trying stuff before it even gets perfect?

I love new. I fall into the category of “early adopters”. I wish I had beat someone to this “early adopters” phrase… I would’ve used a very different word or phrase. “Early adopters” sounds rather calm and non-disrutptive, safe, dignified.

I see the work of pioneers as messy, passion and courage-demanding. I hail the heroes who dare to make the path. There are parts of the immature and younger me that had a little scorn on those who waited for the world to take up something before they did. The ones who play it safe.

Maturity and time have taught me that there is nothing wrong with people who are wary with the new. That is who they are. It is not me. I love being first. As with many things I can rationalise why I love being first but I’m more convinced that I don’t know entirely why. Perhaps the most truthful reason would be, “that’s just how God wired me”.

I think these are some of the reasons I love being a pioneer, in a sense:


This may not be valid for you but it is for me. There’s a thrill in figuring out something first. Some may think this arrogant, but I couldn’t care less. For me, nothing summons adrenaline as the dealing with challenges and contexts that few or none have dealt with. Like X-Games athletes “thrill” is reason enough.


I think the story of anything is not in the result. It is in the journey. I love being a front-runner because it allows me to not only witness a story but to make one.


I take the kind of world posterity inherits as a very personal thing. I have responsibility to generations after me to give them a world with more value than I found. Posterity deserves richer lives and inspiration from me. This is not about a hero complex. Neither is it about fame or ego, it is a matter of principle.

There are a myriad of people, most of which I’ll never know, who have contributed immensely to some of the things I enjoy today. From technological advancements to education and other research. I have more than an obligation, but the privilege to pay some things forward.

Yes, for me this includes backing Pressgram, DeskPM, Not Marked (a book by Mary DeMuth for people affected by sexual abuse). It is the reason I work with young people and tell them they matter and have something of worth to offer their generation and others beyond their time.

Can’t Explain

I’ve already alluded to the inexplicable… The reasons I’ve highlighted are just some of the reasons. I’m still trying to figure out why, but not obsessively. I’ve made peace with the way I’m wired. Not that it was ever something that has bothered me, all I’m saying it is something I embrace much more aggressively as I mature (whatever that is).

We all have things we can’t explain about ourselves. Why we find some pursuits and contexts exhilarating or not. It is both what we can explain and cannot explain that define us. Define our pursuits…

Your Turn

For me, it is blazing trails… What is your approach to the new? What are some of the things you like, yet cannot explain about yourself? Looking forward to hearing from you ;-)

The Tainting Of Cynicism

Relationships are key to great leadership and, well a great life. Rather, great relationships are key to great leadership and pleasant life. There are some ‘general laws of life’ that when violated affect everything, even in leadership, because, well, leaders lead people, primarily.

Trust allows leaders, and everyone else in general, to be vulnerable. Vulnerability increases trust and increased trust produces stronger teams and relationships.

Some will claim they just aren’t team people or they rather ‘fly solo’… Reality contradicts that. Not absolutely, but to a significant extent. To live and lead well, we have to trust someone or some people, at some point. It is folly to think you can be everything to yourself every time.

tainting of cynicism

We are social beings. We need to be needed and are needed in one way or another This means that cynics can live and lead under difficult circumstances. Which, of course, is of their own making.

Cynicism violates trusts at every level and turn. With a violation of trust comes weak teams and relationships. Cynicism doesn’t believe in ‘no-strings-attached benevolence’. Thus a loss of resources and a lack of synergy.

Cynicism robs leaders and teams of what is right about people. I’m not advocating naivety, I’m advocating trust.

People can be unpredictable. Trying to unwrap every possible motive for every possible action is nothing but a waste of valuable emotional and mental energy. Be diligent as you build teams and relationships. Be wary but also make sure you have a clear point of trust.

Leaders who lead with trust have teams with greater unity and productivity. Relationships built on trust flourish and are more fulfilling. Cynicism taints. It robs.

There is always that guy the one who will give you twenty thousand reasons not to ever trust people. The funny thing is that they never advocated not being trusted for themselves. It is always other or those people you need to be weary of. In fact it should be the cynics we should be cynical of…

People who advocate mistrust of just about everyone, should not be trusted themselves [Click to Tweet]

Trust. Cynicism taints and does so, robbing you and those you come into contact with [Click to Tweet]

Cynicism shuts the door of generosity to and from others. It keeps us from making our teams and the world at large a greater place. It keeps people locked up prisons of insignificance, because there will always be people who want to take advantage…

Making the world a greater place involves risking contact with cynics; never let that stop you [Click to Tweet]

Not all people have evil intent toward you. There may be people like that, but I guarantee you (whatever its worth) there are more people interested in your success in life and as a leader than those against.

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Unlocking The Genius You


Einstein was definitely onto something… It is often what we think of ourselves that defines our approach to many things. And, most of what we think about ourselves starts with how we measure ourselves.

Comparison is not a great way to make peace with who / what you are or not. Because you’re not like me it is unfair to you and everyone that should benefit from who you really are, to measure yourself on my abilities, personality or whatever.

We all have our genius. This is not just some mushy statement to make you feel good for the sake of it. It is a fact. There is the you genius, which only your God-given gifts and personality can be.

There is danger in not appreciating who you are and your gifts. When we do not see who we are and what we have, and sometimes to the extent of belittling ourselves and gifts, then we’re bound to playing the comparison game. Once we slip into that then all we see are our flaws.

The sad thing is that the genius me cannot be placed on the same scales or measuring metrics as the genius you. We’re different. The only comparison of genius, perhaps, we could make is whether we’re wearing the our genius suits and not trying or even wishing to be another.

Where To Start

The genius you is not always obvious. A great place to start chiseling away at the marble of uncovering your genius is trying stuff. I’ve had many people ask me how I’m able to do some of the things I do… They think I just fell out of bed and knew I could be great at something.

Of course I’ve always been that awesome at some things, NOT!

Well, there are some things that I just knew I was great at and most things took patience and a dash of adventure spirit. This may not be mind-blowing but it is often where most fail in the pursuit of their genius. Try stuff. You’ll never know how great, or not, you are at something till you give it a go.


What seems to come to you naturally and comfortable that isn’t the norm for some of the people around you. Sometimes we aren’t aware of it but the people around us are. What are some of the things people have asked, “how do you do that?!”

Those things that seem to come naturally to you that have a ‘wow effect’ on others, have a hint of some of your genius. Explore them. Keep an eye out for some people with similar abilities and are somewhat more advanced than you and find out how they found out or do what they do.

Grit and Patience

Being able to do something doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve mastered and harnessed it. It also takes work to develop / grow your genius. Pure grit is something most overlook as a quality of other geniuses we hail.

It can be messy getting your genius to being comfortable with your genius. Equally, it can be messy being creative and doing things that matter with your genius.

Thus patience cannot and must never be overlooked as you grow effectiveness in your genius. Most sell themselves short of being awesome because of wanting to rush what only time can mature. Be patient as you put in the work. Start and focus on just the next step and not the next hundred.

Define your success based on your genius and enjoy the journey.

Unlocking the genius you is a journey that starts with trying stuff, being aware of what comes naturally, having pure grit and being patient.