How Bad Followers Make Great Leadership Development Resource

Leadership is about influencing people toward making a vision a reality. It involves innumerable dynamics. One of the greatest, if not the greatest dynamic, is the human one. As much as leaders are not perfect, so are followers. Every leader has at least one ‘bad follower’ at a certain time or all the time.

Learning Effective Communication From Jesus

When I think of some of the greatest communicators, I’d never leave out Jesus. He was so captivating he could get crowds of 5,000 plus (no social media!). I guess the miracles also helped but that wasn’t the sum of why people desired to be in His audience. It’s every communicator’s dream to have a […]

The Best Way To Train Leaders To Lead

One of the things that should be priority in an organization is leading the leaders. Identifying and leading other leaders is one of the best ways of securing the future of your organisation. For leaders and organisations to be successful they have to raise other leaders. Training leaders is one of the most important priorities for leader.