Some things are just perfect; they need no embellishment. Sometimes it happens we don’t need much effort.

At other times a lot of work to make things “perfect” is what is needed. The challenge, at other times, is knowing when to stop. To cease from embellishing, whatever that is.

There are also instances where all we need is realize the perfect in what already is. With that appreciation we make the most of what is in hand. What is, around us.

Picturesque is not a myth; it’s all around us. See

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Hello Sun

Nice to see the sun after a couple of days of rain.

Not all days are the same. Each day deposits something different from another. The only thing the same about it each is that they all have potential.

What will you do with today?

Progress is as as simple as doing a little more with each day. Learning more. Appreciating more.

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