Better Is Good

Compelling vision sounds utopian. It should be. Vision that stirs hearts and inspires action is grand. The kinds of vision I’m talking about can even sound almost impossible. It’s vivid. This clarity is one of the reasons for frustration not only in the face of defeat but in small wins too. Defeat, and sometimes small wins, are part of the journey. We can expect them on the way to our preferred future.

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What I Look For In Content I Consume Online [Vlog Ep. 07]

With a flood of content online, it isn’t always easy deciding what to ‘consume’. As much as there’s great content there’s an equal amount of rubbish, if not more. Do you have a content consumption manifesto? Are there any guides on what you decide to give your attention and time to while online? In this episode I thought it would be great to talk about what I look for in content online.

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Pit Stop

  Leaders must see the destination of the journey but act where they are. Be realistic about the demands of your present demands. Sometimes a pit stop is necessary for refreshing and reflection. This applies to you as a leader and enterprise. Leading effectively is not always about movement, sometimes it is about being still. … Continue reading Pit Stop

How Predictable Leaders Empower Teams

One of the best gifts leaders can give their teams is predictability. Being predictable leaders has connotations of being bland and boring for some. This is because they don’t understand it and the contexts it should apply.

Predictability is a way of giving responsibility to your team. When there are recurring situations and you make the same decision each time, you empower your team. In your absence, or without your consultation they can take the actions you would’ve taken. Thus, the quality of the steps and their results they take are not compromised from the standard; i.e. the leader.

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