Questions You Shouldn’t Be Asking

I waited for the temperature to get a little cooler so I could go for my run. When it was cool enough i had a lengthy “Question & Answer” sessions with myself. “Should I go? Do I have to go now? What about running tomorrow morning?” Should I go for a run? The answer will […]

How Meetings Fail

While preparing for a Skype meeting I thought about why and how meetings fail. I’m sure I’m not the only who’s been to a ton of meetings. I mean a ton of failed meetings. As much as they easily become productivity obstacles, they are necessary for enabling the success of enterprises.

Views and Vantage Points

vantage points allow us to have a holistic view. in dealing with anything we must always consider the possible vantage points. it is only when we step out of the painting, to stop being a part of it, sometimes for a moment, do we appreciate all its elements. once we appreciate the view from the […]

Communication | Leading A Frustrated Team [Part 6]

This is post number six in the series on leading frustrated teams. Leaders are proved in times of unrest. Captains are tested by stormy seas and disgruntled crews. You haven’t led until you’ve led in times of unrest. Unrest in the environment your enterprise works and unrest with your team. To effectively lead a frustrated […]