Demystifying Patience And Or Perseverance

Some things are perfected in and through time. There’s the dynamic of patience and perseverance that must be factored into any significant work.

Leaders that will build great and significant things; the things that matter, are those who appreciate in planning and action that it will take time.

When setting goals be kind to yourself and realistic with time. Sometimes things do get a life of their own and grow quickly but often NOT.

Patience and perseverance are key and often misunderstood.

Patience and or perseverance are about doing all the work you can, to the best of your abilities without obsessing over the instant.

“Instant success” is almost always entirely a myth, if not completely. Patience is never about sitting and twiddling thumbs, waiting for miracles to just happen on their own.

Surprises, the great ones we always hope and look for tend to show up when we’re in pursuit. It is in motion that new paths are discovered.

It may just be time for your life and leadership to redefine patience as movement.

Time to define and live out patience as movement toward goals. Time to embrace movement and activity and allow time to, in a sense, bless our efforts and endeavors.

When you do this and the big break comes your muscle would be able the pressure and demands success brings.

Redefine patience and perseverance.

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Random Thoughts On Excuses

Excuses are as old as humanity. Everyone is using them in one area or another. You’ve used them and chances are tomorrow you may use a couple without even realizing. They have become a normal part of our lives. Either we hear them, accommodate or use them. In all cases we interact with them. Here are some of my (random) thoughts on excuses:


  • Significance: they never built anything significant: Simply put, excuses are the reason something was either not done or could not be done. They can be very logical and valid. Excuses make it easy for people to get hung up on why something cannot be done instead of why we cannot afford to do it.
  • Nowhere: It takes as much energy to think of some excuses as it is to think of solutions. They are not always easy to conjure and often burn up energy that could be used for progress. Using and entertaining them keeps you from moving forward. Your biggest obstacle at the moment is that you’re paying too much attention to excuses. Only when you start looking beyond the why-it-cannot-be-done excuses do you get on track to significant achievements. Excuses are the main reason why things stay the same or deteriorate. They will take you nowhere worth going!
  • Keep from: Excuses are what people use to keep themselves from God. It gets worse, by so doing they rob themselves of a life or purpose and significance. They have also kept people from dreaming and achieving with God. Another sad fact: some of the excuses people conjure sound very ‘spiritual’ that others start buying into them. What excuses have you bought into that are keeping you from God and or achieving with Him?
  • Creativity: Excuses are wasted imagination and creativity. Like I’ve said it’s not always easy to come up with excuses. Fabricating them is often not seen as time and energy wasters but more as the means of not using energy, creativity and time. On the contrary, it is.

I actually had more random thoughts but thought that I’d leave this open to give you room to add yours… What are some of the common excuses people use? What’s your take on excuses?

The Longer You Take…

It is generally accepted wisdom not to rush into anything. It is also important take time to understand the options and implications before committing to any course of action. I actually encourage people not to rush into anything because it seems a great idea at first glance. Then there are the instances where the longer you take to act, the more you lose or the worse things get.

act now
 illustration - kkalyan, flickr (cc)

Once you’ve established that there is a niche, or great opportunity, the longer you can the more it gets out of reach. Innovation and ideas have a life span. The longer you take to ‘attack’ an available share of the market, the harder it will be to fight competition later. If you’ve assessed and realized the opportunity, act now!

In relationships, it is the longer you take to apologize and own up for your part in a stalemate, the harder it will get. In fact, this perpetuates more conflict and complications. Things tend to escalate and you knock heads. You deal with things but fail to get to the bottom of them all because you took too long to address the initial seed. The longer you take, to address issues the unhealthier the relationship will be. The longer you take, the more vulnerable your relationship will be and the more toxic the smallest of issues can be. Act now.

The longer you take to address the slack employee or teammate, the longer the vision suffers. The more the people you ought to be serving suffer. Leaving the slackers to be may be the sure guarantee of the death of your purpose. Leader, there will be a time you will have to guard your vision from your team. When the team threatens the vision by being slack or otherwise do not wait any longer.

The longer the leader takes to address his own slackness and complacency, the longer the organization or team will faces its demise. The longer you maintain the status quo the higher the chances are you will be irrelevant very soon. Constant innovation and challenging yourself as an individual and team is a must if you are to stay relevant. Maintaining where you are is not progress and may be the start of your demise.

The longer it takes you to start on the new project while you’re still motivated, the harder it will be for you to build momentum later…

There are instances it is prudent to tread carefully. Then there are instances you have to act swiftly. Consider some of the things highlighted… Don’t live in ‘I will do’ but ‘I am doing!’

I’d love you hear your thoughts!

My Conference Attendance Manifesto

I’ve attended so many conferences I’ve lost count. So much that I’ve now come up with my conference attendance manifesto. I’ve accumulated enough notebooks for a library of tomes of my own. I admit with every conference I attend, there’s a subconscious me that thinks through the theme and actual content delivered.

I contemplate the relevance of the conference to my felt needs or the felt needs of my team. There really is no point, besides bad time-wasting, to attending something that will not benefit you in the future or present! My conference attendance manifesto:

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Where Good Ideas Come From

There are some projects I’ve been trying to move forward and have been trying to think about “fresher ideas” to help me do that… I came across this TED talk by Steven Johnson on “Where Good Ideas Come From”… I learned a couple of things and got “reminders”… Check it out…

The talk made me decide to revisit my “ideas journal”, mindmaps and other places I’ve captured my “brain storms” to see if there is a “common thread” building up to a “core idea / strategy” among other things…