Framing Stuff

  They could’ve just said, “Eat this muffin” or “Complimentary muffin”. The way they “framed” their muffin message is just so cool. For maximum impact, don’t just say what you need to say, craft your message and its delivery. That makes a difference. A huge one. Love your message and your cause enough to be […]

Technology, Leadership and Futurism

Graeme Codrington spoke at 27 dinner about the third wave of [digital] technology. I won’t go much into the “waves” aspect of it. Think about the evolution of technology from, say, the industrial revolution. Consider the game changer of the assembly line in Ford’s factory. Revolutionary.

How We Complicate Making A Difference

There’s something we all carry on the inside, a desire to do something that matters. To make some sort of difference. While we carry this innate desire, we also can do some things and not all things. We have limitations. Mental Some of the limitations we have when it comes to connecting with this need […]

Change It

Complaining leaders aren’t great to be around. Neither are they healthy for moving teams forward as well as realizing vision. Complaining leaders, and teams, give too much power to what they complain about. In a sense, what we continually complain about owns us. Goal focused leaders know to change something when they are not happy […]