Life is simple and complex. Life is, well, life and death. Pain and healing it is. Life is sad and happy. It is fulfilling and meaningless. It makes sense and doesn’t. Most people die trying to figure out this paradox of paradoxes.

Some either as a way of life or occasional, temporal resignation live the paradox. But mostly we live it trying to figure it out. There are moments everything makes sense and meaning. I’m sure I don’t need to mention the opposite; you live life and have and have experienced all this.

understanding life

Life is something we all have in common, despite our experiences and interpretations. Despite its “definites” and “uncertains” and the varied definitions there’s a place in all our definitions there’s part of the truth of life.

Somehow there is something about life that cannot completely explained but is universally understood [Click to Tweet]

I’ve discovered it is often where I am or what I’m experiencing in life that determines how I define it. Our experiences either paint the most beautiful picture or the darkest horrors in our definition.

It is not only our experiences but also how we view them. How we embrace or fight what we encounter in life is another determinant of how we approach or project “it”.

Life also has moments that somehow affect how we view it. How we approach it. Some experiences in life, like death of those we love or loss of something we value, like our health, can have profound impact on us.

These things affect all of us differently. This is often based on past experiences. How they affected and shaped us.

I don’t need to reiterate the complexities and contradictions of life.

I guess the most value we can draw from life is to live it despite what we do or don’t understand [Click to Tweet]

The best gift we can give to others and ourselves around us is simply to live it and dare to do so fully. To appreciate it with its complexities and embrace it with and in its simplicity.

Savoring the pleasant, valuing those we love, learning and shedding the bitter will help life mean more to us. Live life.

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