Imagine Alexander Graham Bell playing a round of golf and explaining to his buddies he was trying to invent a new thing that would change how we communicate. Clearly not everyone would have understood, let alone supported him.

When heretics (those dissenting from the status quo) are about the business of creating new things they often have the challenge of giving a point of reference.

The problem: when you are going to do something new there is rarely a point of reference. Unfortunately the whole world does not see through the eyes of imagination of practicing heretics.

New things are new. No one can give you a very clear path to creating things that have never been before. The best they can do is guide you with principles and challenge your ideas. A wise heretic welcomes inquiries into his aspirations to better them.

Don’t get hung up on not having points of reference for when working on “new”. Do your thing and many will thank you later.

There is always pushback to “new”. One of the reasons for pushback as you push for new things is that people have no point of reference. It also takes courage on your part, heretic leader, to be the first to venture in the unknown.

Go ahead and create your product. Define a new future for your organization and cause. Those you will ultimately serve may not have a clear picture of the “new” you’re trying to create but they will thank you when you are done.

 “new” is heretics’ gift to posterity and a declaration to the status quo that it doesn’t own them

It does not end there. At some point you will want to create something new again and the cycle will kick in. You sharing the preferred future, those you lead and other people not understanding and then, ultimately appreciation again.

Change is necessary to create the new. The process of creating “new” is not often appreciated but the result is. The irony: you cannot have the result(s) without the process.

New is potentially greater or worse. The potential for worse in the new is one of the reasons some fear and pushback at the first hint of change. Sometimes the new shatters the status quo without creating better. At the same time worse can be the foundation for greater.

True. On the other hand new births the greater. This can be imminent or eventual. Whichever way, we cannot have greater leaders, organizations and a greater world without the new.

innovation does not need or depend on a point of reference

Heretic leaders are inherently about the new. New is one of the things that inspire them to shatter the status quo as they believe and embrace the possibility for greater always. Go ahead. Create the new. Don’t be fall into the trap of those who fear the worst but embrace possibility for the greater. Be bold. Be /ˈherətik/

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  1. Very Good Blessing. I am currently experiencing this. I am venturing down a path that will have great results but the change process is somewhat not accepted. I really enjoyed the article! Thanks dude.

    1. pleasure. remember to keep your focus on the outcome you’re trying to create. optimism is a very necessary ingredient if you’re going to intentionally define the future. keep going.