A conflict of thoughts and feelings sometimes dominate heretics. Heretics are those who dare to challenge a status quo for the sake of the greater. In an instant they can be confident of the change they want to bring and in another, the exact opposite.

What makes things more challenging is that the environment and other people, who, for many reasons, are contrary.

Understanding why change is resisted enables you to prepare yourself to challenge the status quo.

change is resisted


Challenging the status quo means bringing about change. What makes most uneasy about change is how unpredictable it can be. Somehow this makes people doubt the power of change. Perhaps not doubt its power but dislike its disruption more than doubt its power.

The status quo is predictable. The predictable is more trusted. The same things will happen the same way at the same time for probably the same reasons.

Predictability is comfortable. Sometimes people get accept discomfort for the sake of its predictability. “Better the devil you know…” mantra is a lousy excuse for not stepping off the edge and charging into the unknown.

If you’re going to challenge something, to make it greater, you must accept the discomfort of bringing about change.


Changing anything is about raw effort and passion. Most resist or will not initiate change because of its demands. The truth: you cannot have the results of change without the work of change.

Change is demanding. It takes emotional and mental energy. The essence of change is more than just decisions made. It is actioned decisions.


In other instances most want change to be instant. When change is not promising at the pace they would like they pushback.


The process of change can be unpredictable and the same applies to its results. It takes great effort for great change. Change is sometimes an event, but rarely so. It will take time to effect change.

Be boldBe /ˈherətik/.

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