Zimbabwe Elections: Could Voting For Zanu-Pf ‘Legitimise’ Army Involvement In Politics And Government?

After almost four decades of Zanu-Pf rule in Zimbabwe, the southern African nation is at the threshold of defining elections in many ways. Zimbabwe will know that the stakes are high. There’s no Zimbabwean I know who doesn’t seek the prosperity of this former bread basket of Southern Africa. On the eve of probably the […]

What We Can Do About The Chaos And Injustice In The World

Has the world ever been more restless?! The Arab Spring, ISIS and ISIL, Israel and Palestine conflict. Protests in Hong Kong. Displacements in Sudan, which not many news agencies cover. Ukraine and Russia. Ebola in West Africa. Despite our limitaions we must explore what we can do about the chaos and injustice in the world. Unfortunately I […]

Headlines Post Mandela Memorial And A Lesson

Mixed reactions to the happenings at Nelson Mandela’s memorial yesterday. From, “Why Zuma Was Booed” to “Obama Wows Crowd”. I guess we also see things based on what we look for and what is important to us. Often the significance of events etc is not in the events or the communication in them but how […]