The Tension Of Team Critique And Mission

Critique is necessary for development and growth. We love it when we’re doing great and, let’s be honest, it sucks, stings when we aren’t. I’m convinced that critique is necessary. However, if not done properly it does the opposite of what it ought to achieve.

Why You DON’T Get The Feedback You Need | Part 2

Great leaders are like old school mechanics. No computers or other gadgets to connect to the car to get a diagnostic. No disrespect to the mechanics with the fancy toys… Old school mechanics (and some new school ones too ;-) ) can tell you a lot about a car by the way it sounds. Troubleshooting […]

Feedback as Your Leadership Growth Strategy

Leadership is dynamic. Numerous factors affect the effectiveness of your leadership. The external environment may present challenges for growth, but growth in your leadership depends on you more than anything else. In moving your enterprise forward embrace the fact that it is not only dealing with your external environment that will give you the edge, […]