Things That I Know Will Happen But Still Surprise (or Scare)

I know the toast is going to pop up and I’m expecting it to, and it still gives me a fright. Living and leading is like that. There are those inevitable things you’ll never shake off. Challenges and disappointments are inevitable. Knowing that some things will happen for sure is not synonymous with pessimism. Expecting […]

The Things Adversity Helps

They are called “tests” for a reason. They have to challenge resolve, understanding and a lot of other things, to extremes. They are called challenges because they help gauge strength, while exposing areas of vulnerability. When we and or the ‘products’ we make prevail, we (and the products) are considered worthy. Too many miss the […]

Winter Blue #DP365

I love these winter blues… What beauty in the restlessness of this blue. There’s always something to appreciate. Oh, how we lose sight of much beauty around us when our focus is expended on the adverse! In this cold there’s beauty. In failure there’s lessons and victory. In adversity there’s strength developed. Through toil and […]

When (I) You Mess Up

So, I just had a huge accident. I messed up. Sadly we can easily undermine the importance of being honest with our frailty and mistakes. The important thing when we do mess up is to acknowledge and then focus energy and attention to the clean up. Making things right is more important than leveling blame. […]

What If You Never Realise Your Dreams?

Yeah, what if everything you’ve dreamt, put energy and lived for never materializes. Setting goals, articulating and pursuing them may not guarantee that you will be successful but not doing so guarantees failure. Reality: sometimes we fail to achieve despite our commitment and vigour. I don’t want to be negative in any sense. Nor do […]