Why Apathy Sets In


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Accomplishing a goal or target without the next one lined up will create what I call a “wander-wonder period”. Don’t wait till you reach your target to set the next one, always have ‘one in the bag’. Apathy will set in when there is no new and clear goal or target set ahead.

Myopia is a catalyst for apathy.

Challenges are one of the things I think facilitate innovation. With innovation there’s a general sense of, “we’re breaking barriers” or “new frontiers”, keeping your organization or team feeling a sense of progress and accomplishment.

To combat apathy you must constantly introduce your team to newer scenarios or challenges. New scenarios not only involve coming up with completely new programs or ‘products’ but could simply be, “how can we better a process?”

Familiarity is an enemy of ingenuity and innovation. As a leader, it is important for you to constantly and intentionally plan fun and engaging challenges for your team.

See Me?

Feedback is very important for any subordinate or colleague. Without feedback outside of themselves your team can easily feel that their efforts and or even them, as individuals are being taken for granted, creating a platform for apathy to set in. Your team and colleagues want to know what you think or feel about them and their performance.

From my experiences, most would rather know that you think they are not doing as well as they could or should rather than silence. Feedback to your team will act a compass, pointing them to the areas and course they need to pay attention to.

Big Picture

Your team needs to be constantly reminded of the big picture and how they fit in. It is easy for some people to get discouraged when some part of their activity begins to feel mundane.

Constant reminders about the significance of their contribution will help keep their efforts in perspective, fanning the flames of purpose and combating possible apathy.

I’m still trying to think of other reasons why apathy sets in and some solutions

What are the other reasons why apathy sets in and what is the remedy?

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15 thoughts on “Why Apathy Sets In”

  1. Hello! Just came across your blog while researching stuff about apathy. You’ve hit the nail on the head here: ‘purpose’ is such a significant issue. And one that stretches to all sorts of levels of apathy.

    I am thinking about it in terms of people being apathetic in choosing blame over responsibility, ie ‘I know there is a problem here, but rather than taking the natural responsibility that comes from observing it (I’m no longer ignorant), I will ignore it and write it off as someone else’s fault. ‘

    Thanks for this, I know it’s old, but hey it’s still relavent and it’s still here! Keep doing what you do.

    1. Andy, you are right. Pointing fingers and blaming others can easily be a way of justifying apathy… i’m glad the post was helpful. And, thank you so much for the encouragement…

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