Blessing and Ingrid Mpofu

My name is Blessing. I’m in love with Ingrid and married to her. just a guy changing the world. Always interrogating, questioning, trying to understand better, to grow, to progress.

I love people and interrogating all things leadership. Can’t explain it but have a fascination about leading oneself and, others. Engaging on issues affecting the world is a passion of mine. Communicating, primarily through writing and speaking.

Trying to let the words out as I work on my first book is one of the things I’m busy with. I consider myself an avid reader and play squash (the sport). I like good coffee.

blessing mpofu

I studied and worked in IT. I’m studying toward my first degree in Theology. I worked as a Team Director and Digital Media Manager in Johannesburg, South Africa before moving to Cape Town. I’m privileged to have led teams in different contexts as well as volunteers.

(You haven’t led until you lead people who, in a sense, don’t really have to follow you, but do so by choice). I have the privilege of serving in the world’s largest and most significant enterprise. More later…

This blog is a result of the lessons I’ve learned and still in the process of learning. It is, in sense, also a memoir of sort, as I grapple with leading myself and others.

Challenging life and leadership practices characterises a fair amount of the content.

Some of the posts, in fact most of them, are a direct result of my failure as a leader in varied contexts. Perhaps a journal of life and leadership experiences; notes to self. I hope they’re useful to you and that we can grow together on our journeys in life and leadership.

I am also Jonah.

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