Run Diary

One of the reasons to train for a marathon is to make sure that I will be able to start and finish without breaking. I also want to be wise in my training and, at the end “race”. Besides my marathon training plan, I’m gleaning from other sources and experts on how to do it well. Where else to better pick up tips than from the legendary Eliud Kipchoge. In an interview I watched-listened to, he mentioned a run diary. Which got me thinking.

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Running My First Marathon, Ever

So, I’m running my first marathon, ever. This year (2023) was the first time I ran 21.2 kilometres, and I did that in a half marathon race. Of course, I didn’t just get up and go run it, I trained for it. After running The Two Oceans Half Marathon, I joked about setting my sights on a full marathon. The truth is I only half-joked, and I am going to run The Cape Town Marathon later year. 

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