What To Do With That Adverb?

My writing buddy has something to say about adverbs. I don’t have to doubt or wonder what to do with that adverb. The app I’m using is one Demian Fanworth recommended it to me. (He blogs here, here and podcasts here)

It is Hemingway App / Editor. It has helped me write better. I hope this also means communicate better as well. (You can either use it for free on their website or buy the app to use on your computer)

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Language | The Currency Of Leadership

At the disposal of every leader are things he trades for the function and or purpose of leadership. It is how a leader wields these tools or means that determines his success and the success of his organisation.

Language is one those things: a currency of leadership. It is in what a leader says that not only defines him as a leader but also what is spoken throughout his enterprise. The language he initiates and tolerates defines more than just communication but character.

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