“On blogging, after blogging for years”. I never thought I’d utter these words. Not because I thought it impossible, it was never a possibility in sight. I’ve always felt like I had something to say. I wanted to say it to myself and needed a means to process. Enter writing, hello blogging.

As I interacted with friends, peers and other growing leaders, I realised that I didn’t grapple with most issues on my own. I discovered that other people were navigating similar life issues.

So, in addition to journaling, I thought, “What if I made ‘notes to myself’ publicly?! What if I shared my journey, thoughts, wins and losses aloud? Others may benefit or at least it would help start conversation that might be helpful.”

I’ve also had a love for words; consuming them. I’ve always read a lot. I guess the desire to be writer was born. I wanted to use words to not only express myself but, at the least, inspire millions. Audacious? For some it might sound like it. But for people, like me, whose ambition is to change the world, not so much.

So, I started blogging. I didn’t have it all figured out. I still don’t have it all figured out. I’m not the best writer but I do it anyway. I care more about helping people and changing the world than making a fool of myself.

I’d rather live in an attempt that fear of ridicule. So I use platforms and means accessible to me, such as blogging. In the era of online publishing I cannot ignore the possibility of making a difference in my life and the lives of millions.

If you’ve read my blog for a while I have no doubt you’ve seen many typos. I’ve made many grammatical mistakes. It wouldn’t come as a surprise to me that you may find some of my arguments laced with incoherence. Not a problem.

Blogging has taught me that even the imperfect can make a difference (Click to Tweet)

I just thought I’d write to myself (with you listening) about blogging. Despite blogging for years, it is something I still enjoy and am constantly trying to refine. It is a tool and a resource that I wield and still learning to employ precisely and effectively.

Thank you for being a part of my journey. I hope you’re benefitting from my wins and losses, as much as I am, as I blog about them. Still carrying on blogging, after blogging for years…

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Do you blog? Please do toss me a link to your blog in the comments. I’d love to learn from you also…

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