I’m not ruled by a fear of death. The truth is I do have a fear… Why I’m not afraid of dying and what I fear the most?

(I’m writing this some hours after Nelson Mandela’s death. I’ve had this post in the drafts and thought this might be the time to brush the dust off it and complete it. I don’t like riding the bandwagon…

I know a lot of people are going to be doing pieces about this great man, who lived a great life.)

Not Afraid

I’m not afraid of dying because it is part of life. Somehow death of someone we know in some way, often causes us to reflect on life. The last time I wrote my reflections after someone’s death was when I shared about my gran’s last words to my siblings and I. You can see the post here.

Where was I? Oh! Death doesn’t freak me out because it is part of life. Inevitable and, thus expected. For most it comes suddenly. In one way another, death touches our lives. When this happens it should cause us to live more intentionally. Resolutely.

I’m not afraid of dying because I believe in God and that there is life after death. You believe something right? This is what I believe. I believe death is something that happens to our physical bodies and that the real us is simply housed by the suit we call, “bodies”.

Will let this one rest for now. I believe in life beyond death. The thing is, one has to be dead to get there. So, I’m not afraid of dying… I look forward to life beyond death.

My Greatest Fear

My greatest fear is a life of insignificance. By insignificance I don’t mean fame. Screw fame. By insignificance I mean living a life that doesn’t make a difference. Possibly the saddest day in my life could be exiting this side of life without making a difference.

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“Making a difference” may sound evasive in its rather “broad sense”. Many tell me that “changing the world” is not a tangible (enough) pursuit. Whatever… losers.

My greatest fear is to leave the earth with what God put in me. All my gifts and I am is to serve humanity not me. The world must be and will be a greater place because I lived. By lived I don’t mean inhaled and exhaled. I mean dared great things…

There is something in me, don’t know about you, that says to Marianne Williamson’s poem, “Doh, tell me something I don’t know”. This is not arrogance.

It is testament to what I feel each waking moment of my life. Changing the world is my modus operandi. It is not an option on my life’s menu it is a guarantee.

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What do you fear the most?

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