Leadership is cool. Lousy opening line, right? I like leading. That’s just how I’m wired. I’m as comfortable with my own company as I am at the “helm”. I know how to play with others too… Just in case you were starting to think what I saying is I can’t follow or be in a team. I’m also a great team player.

That arrogant? To some it might sound like it but that is just a fact about how I am wired. I think it’s sad how people downplay who they are and what they can do in the name of humility. If you are that or can do whatever, why play it down? I’m not suggesting an arrogance trip. I’m advocating honesty.

I will confess:

[Tweet “I’m sometimes afraid of being honest. Of saying, “I’m insanely awesome at this!””]

Because we’re worried of being misunderstood, we issue disclaimers, like I am about to… I reiterate, I’m not an advocate for arrogance.

One of humility’s cloaks is honesty.

Humility is not about undermining or berating yourself with an audience [Click to Tweet]

It is about being honest about who you are and your abilities in a way that doesn’t make you better than others. True humility does not patronize.

True, some people will misunderstand your honesty for bragging. I’m not always good at the being honest about some of my abilities part. Partly because of fear and at other times because I’m oblivious. Some things come naturally I don’t see them as something I’m necessarily ‘good at’.

Reading Jon Acuff’s, Start has been a reminder. Jon writes about the “brag table”. Where people can be honest and come to celebrate cool stuff they’ve stuff; achievements.

Sometimes we’re more open about sharing what we cannot do. If we can be upfront about our shortcomings why can’t we do the same with our strengths? Can’t we just be real? Be honest?

I’m great at ideation (I used to be, don’t now if I still am :D ). Coming up with ideas to communicate stuff. I’m also good at getting things of the ground, starting stuff. In a sense I am entrepreneurial. These are just a few of some of the things I do well…

Feel free to step up to the brag table… Share something you’re good at in the comments…

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