Transitions, whether caused or imposed, can have a certain, “Fear Of Missing Out” aka “F.O.M.O.” to them. One of the reasons people fear committing to new ventures is fear of missing out on something else.

As life and reality would have it, one can only be fully present in a few endeavours or contexts at any given time. Most people wander in a bid to get the best of all worlds.

They hold out on pursuing opportunities in case there’s a better one. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not suggesting taking whatever opportunities arise. It is important to plug into what is most relevant and pertinent with where you are.

FOMO in transition

Fear of missing out can easily cloud vision for possibility of the opportunities that exist. It is possible to miss out on potential and accessible impact in the present for one that might materialise sometime in the future.

The thing is, we are always going to miss out on other opportunities by virtue of commitments we make. You are never going to maximise on every opportunity that comes your way even if you tried.

The challenge, of course, is determining what is most pertinent to your contribution to the world. What ignites you while enabling you to make a difference?

 Some opportunities will come your way and others will have to be created by you.

Commit to something. There is potential in the opportunity you have in hand. You can either choose to focus on it and maximise on it. To reiterate, don’t take opportunities because they’re within reach. Take them because they are pertinent to your (potential) contribution to the world.

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Risk is a reality in every context and possibility. It is naive to think there is an opportunity that will come risk free. The fear of missing out on a risk-free opportunity is irrational. It is a myth. You will only know the reality and reward of risk once you take it.


Commit to something. Commit to extracting the best possible value and, in and through it, giving the best possible value. Remember to do it in the context of what is most pertinent to your contribution to the world.

Commitment is the foundation of making a difference in the long term. It is building something systematically and patiently. It is the cornerstone of passion and doing things that matter.

F.O.M.O. on opportunities that are still inaccessible has robbed many of great life opportunities. For them as individuals and the world at large from the possible contribution from them.

Commit to something. Commit to something that you’ll be passionate about. That taps into your God-given abilities and allows you to contribute beyond yourself.

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