Leaders are guardians of vision. Leadership’s responsibility is ensuring that vision is realized. Vision is the why; the why organizations exist. The why is the reason organizations gather resources and arrange them.

While leaders are responsible for vision, they can sabotage their vision. Leaders often work hard to guard vision by sabotaged by external forces and overlook that they can be their own vision’s enemy. Leader, this is how you sabotage your vision:

how you're sabotaging your vision

while leaders can enable vision, they must be careful they’re not the ones sabotaging it

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You sabotage your vision when you need validation for everything you do in pursuit of it. Not everyone will believe in you all the time. Not everyone will be as passionate about your vision as you are.

It is tantamount to sabotage when what everyone says about it takes precedence, not the convictions you carry. You must guard your convictions for your vision.


You sabotage your vision when you allow challenges to dissuade it from pursuing it. Leadership is not easy. Challenges should not be the determinant on whether you pursue vision.

If you allow challenges to determine whether you pursue vision or not you will never achieve anything significant.


You’re not always going to have all the resources you need in achieving your vision. Waiting for all (possible) resources you need is sabotage to your vision. If you wait for perfect conditions to sow, you might never.

Vision can be realized using the little you have where you are. ‘Aggressive hustle’ is very important for successful leaders. You sabotage your vision when you don’t look for other ways to either making your vision happen or means to gather the means.


When you downplay the importance of what you’re doing e.g. When you share what you’re about as if it doesn’t matter, or apologetically. You’re sabotaging your vision when you have no passion or excitement when sharing it.

You’re not likely to build a following or grow support for you vision when you do not come across as excited about it to others.

If you really don’t believe that what you’re doing changes the world or contribute significantly to others’ lives, then stop doing it and do something that you feel matters to you and the world.


You sabotage your vision when your character is of disrepute. Who you are is as important as what you do. Bad or questionable character on the part of leadership is bad reputation for the organization and bad for “business”.

This also applies in recruiting leaders. Competence + bad character = bad recruit. The quality of people you recruit reflects on you as a leader and the enterprise at large.

What other ways have you seen vision being sabotaged?


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