Navigating The Problems Maze

Problems are one of those things you are never going to completely avoid. They vary. Some are worthy of your attention, some are not. To manage your time and other resources well, you must decide which problems are worth your attention.

Decide before they arise. Take a problem inventory; in retrospect, what have you experienced as a leader and organization? Which of your problems are recurring? How many of them need your attention as the leader?

How many of them need to be delegated? Some problems can be solved once and for all time by putting in place clear systems. It is folly to keep watch for fires that you know are going to start instead of dealing with their source.

Crisis is often a result of our reactions and not the problems per se

How you look at the problem will determine your ability to solve it. The attention you give to problems is what determines the extent to which they will be magnified: greater or smaller. It’s your call! There are times when the problems we face are not really much of an issue.

The way they actually become serious problems is because we make them that way. Crisis is often a result of our reactions and not the problems per se. Some problems may require urgent but not immediate attention.

Effective problem solvers are comfortable with parking some problems to deal with ones worthy of attention. Parking a problem for a moment may also be necessary for getting a good perspective. Complications arise when you react to a perceived problem without first understanding it.

Be careful not to react out of the frustration or fear your team expresses when they encounter a problem. You cannot effectively lead your team out of challenges if you get caught up in the same anxiety as them. Keep in mind you lead yourself before you lead your team. How you lead yourself directly affects your team or organization.

In fact, there will be many times you have to lead yourself out of frustration and helplessness before you can lead your team. Problems will appear solvable to your team when they hear you and see you act that way.

Your team gets their cue on how to respond to challenges from you. Panic and they will too. Be honest and vulnerable, but do so with conviction you will not only survive but thrive beyond the problem and they will too.

[image: joncandy, flickr (cc)]

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