I recently had a conversation about how people care about different things. About what made one thing important for one and not another. Another question about how people stop caring about what matters came up.

For everything you care about you have an expression. You express how you care about your spouse by providing and being there for them.

You express your love by serving your family. You express the value you place on a cause by the sacrifices you make for it.

The value of what we place on something is in the time, energy & resources we devote to it. Sometimes we lose the sense of the value of some things not because they have lost value but that the way we look at them has changed.

It is not difficult to stop caring about things that matter… How people stop caring about what matters:


People stop caring about things that matter when they do not guard their value or worth. This can apply to certain aspects of your organization or relationships with people. What you are not intentional to protect can be easily destroyed.


We stop caring about what’s important when we start seeing the expression of the importance of something as a chore & not a privilege.

It is a privilege to love & serve your spouse & family; a privilege to be part of something greater than yourself. It is a privilege you have the resources to make a difference in other people’s lives.

You not only need to guard (defend) the value of something but need to constantly seek ways of constantly and creatively expressing the worth of something. It can be a relationship… or the values of your organization.

For Granted

You stop caring about the important when you take it for granted. You take your work for granted when you start thinking it is your right for your employer or boss to give you the position & the reward it comes with it and not a privilege.

Leaders, consider it a privilege that people choose to follow you and the cause you serve.

The Material Stuff

In the context of relationships and teams, you can stop caring about some people or some things by only seeing value in monetary terms. There are some things that are way more valuable than the money we spend on them. It could be a family trip or a team building get away.

You will realise the real value of many things when you stop looking at them only through the lens of your bank balance! There are many times you need to look at money as a mere means of adding value of a different kind.

A less paying job affording you to invest good time with your children matters more than a high paying one that will not afford you the same.

It is important for organisations to stay out of the red but if the only value your organisation guards is the bank balance, your organisation does not have long to live.


People stop caring about things that matter when they become selfish. This is how many collaborations, teams and even marriages fall apart: when one party cares for and lives only for themselves.

People stop caring about things or people that matter when they make themselves more important than another. When they care more for their own feelings than those of others… when only their agenda exits and no one else’s.

Sometimes we lose the sense of the value of some things not because they have lost value but that the way we look at them has changed

What are some of the other things that make people stop caring?

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