People are moved by what they see. We live in the most visual time humanity has ever known. Technology is focused on creating vivid pictures using high-definition lens and screens.

We have binoculars so we can bring distant things closer and see them with a clarity distance robs from our unaided eyes.

We do not just tell stories, but also show them. If the visual things did not matter, Hollywood would not be as big as it is.

There is a definite connection between what we see and what we eventually strive for

If this were not true, a lot of money would not be spent on marketing and media campaigns. Somehow, we better understand how products and services can serve us when we see, through an ad or image by the sellers and manufacturers.

What see with our natural eyes opens our inner eyes. After seeing something on the outside we visualize how it could relate to us. We anticipate the changes it could make to our world, how we might be perceived because of contextualizing what we see in our own lives.

The more vivid the picture we see, the more passionately we gravitate toward it

Nothing moves us like pictures we see. While tangible pictures are great aids to our inner eyesight, the most potent sight is our inner sight. No eyes are more important than our inner eyes.

The more vivid the pictures we see with our inner eyes the stronger they move us. When pictures we see with our outer eyes move us strongly it is because our inner eyes see more.

When your pitch does not move people, it may just be that you have not helped them see as vividly as you see. When our work becomes mundane, a bore and burden, it could be because our vision, the picture for what we are trying to create, is not as vivid as it was.

Leadership is about helping people see clearly. When they see clearly, they will move passionately

The reason enterprises fail and lose their way is that their inner eyes are blinded. Vision moves us only as powerfully as clarity we see it with. If you do not see anything greater, you will never strive for better. People do not push their boundaries because they do not see farther.

What do you see? How vivid is your sight, for your life, team and enterprise? How well are you helping yourself and others see? What you see and how clearly you see it is what determines how strongly you step toward it. See,

The Power Of Clear Sight…

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