Communication is one of the most critical leadership tools. Any leader that cannot communicate well cannot lead well.

Communication transcends just saying things or sending messages. It is a connection point between two or more parties, where whatever is conveyed by the other is understood as intended by the originator(s) of the message.

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One of the worst mistakes some leaders make is a mismatch of the messages they convey with the moment their teams or organizations are in. Contextualizing messages…

matching the message

A mismatch between where the organization is and what they need is likely to cause panic and chaos. When questions about the future of a project or the organization are being posed. Match all your messages to the occasion.

Simple, right? It is, but not always so in practice. Through a misplaced word from a leader, pandemonium can erupt.

Communication by leaders must always speak into need and what the organisation needs to hear [Click to Tweet]

Those you lead listen carefully for everything you say. You have a platform by virtue of being a leader and you must take time to think about what message you convey through what you want to say.

Never make a statement you’re either unprepared to make or haven’t thought something about. Sometimes, leaders are afraid of not having anything to say and end up being rash in their communicate.

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It is fine to not have the answer your team needs when they ask, as long as you communicate your commitment to figuring it out. And do get back.

Rather tell your team or organization that you want to speak directly into the situation and communicate after being clear about what you are communicating and why.

Before communicating anything, ask what message you’ll be conveying and anticipate its impact [Click to Tweet]

Never fall into the trap of saying things because you have to say them. Communicate with purpose.

Lead well. Communicate well. Match the message to the moment. Understand where you team is at and determine what they need to hear and know before you start.

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