Organisational Health – Patrick Lencioni GLS Notes

 These are just a few quick notes from Patrick Lencioni from The Table Group at the Willowcreek Global Leadership Summit in South Africa. (They make sense to me and might not to you but you may find something helpful. They are not comprehensive). I will be doing blog posts on this in the coming… Also check out the hashtag on twitter #wcagls

in order for an org to maximise success it has to be smart. being smart includes the following:

  • strategy
  • marketing
  • finance
  • technology

Organisations are paying too much attention to being smart while overlooking organisational health. A healthy organisation is one with:

  • minimal politics
  • minimal confusion
  • high morale
  • high productivity
  • low turnover

If we really want to change our organisations we have to make them healthier. We can do so by

  1. building a cohesive leadership at the top
  2. create clarity:
  • don’t try to BE too many things
  • Answer 6 critical questions to create clarity in your organisation:

why do we exist?

    1. every organisation must be very clear about why they exist.

    when you know your reason for existence it guides your decision making

How do we behave? – core values
  • get it to one or two maybe 3 behaviours… (note aspirational values… they can take credibility from you…)
  • a core value is something you’re willing to get punished for…
  • when someone asks to violate a core value, you recognise they don’t belong with you…

What do we actually do?

How will we succeed? (this is strategy…)
strategy: the myriad of intentional decisions you make that will give you success edge over your competitors
  • trying to be all things to all people will make you nothing to no one…
  • figure out your 3 strategic anchors…
  •  if your people can’t do a good impression of you, you’re not communicating well enough
  • What is most important in our organisation right now?
  • Who must do what?
think about strategic anchors… that are shared and empower people… 

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