The Heretic Leaders’ Impact and Reach

Some of the heretics we celebrate toady had no idea their impact would reach generations hundreds of years later. Some were just concerned about changing something in their time. Perhaps out of their frustration with their status quo they sought to bring about change by shattering it. In some cases momentary frustrations gave birth to change that impacted many generations after. We are privileged to know from the heretic leaders that actions in our time and yes, even locales can have far-reaching impact.

the heretic leaders' impact
we need to view our actions as having impact on all humanity despite how small we perceive them or how isolated we feel | image by | cc

Thus, every heretic must embrace this fact: the change I make today has the potential to impact humanity I ways I cannot fathom right now. This understanding must give you, as a heretic, greater appreciation for change you seek to bring. It must add more reverence for the cause you lead and challenge you to be a faithful steward. You not only owe it to yourself, but to those around you and the millions you might never meet after your departure from the earth.

The heretics’ scope of impact is not a locale, it is not a single fragmented cause or hopeless action. It is all of humanity. Heretic leaders are men and women that have a burden to leave a greater world for all humanity. The context within which you bring about your contribution is not very relevant. The most relevant and pertinent thing you must embrace and act upon is that you have played your role. There is a chain reaction that goes beyond what you see; beyond your perceived sphere of influence.

we need to view our actions as having impact on all humanity despite how small we perceive them or how isolated we feel

There are people you will inspire by your simple action. Perhaps your dedication to your cause is what will stir others to endow humanity with their gifting. Perhaps you are laying a foundation upon which even greater things will be established hundreds of years later. Perhaps you will see a phenomenal return for your efforts and actions in the very near future and live to celebrate it. May be not.

Whatever you do, you must be wholly given to it. Your present actions have a great bearing on how humanity will advance. It is your choice. Will you choose to leave the world better for all humanity or will you think your gifts, efforts and work do not matter and trifle them. If you do not do anything then you have done nothing but breathe and deplete the air and other resources of the earth; a selfish and worthless existence.

The scope of your impact extends farther than you can imagine. Be bold. Be /ˈherətik/.

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