Why You Must Respect Your Work

Doing something repetitively can be enabling force in getting better at whatever you do. On the other hand, if we are not careful the same repetition can be seeds for apathy.

Repetition is not a bad thing in itself; it is how we manage the times of iteration. Apathy is not the only possible fruit of iteration but a loss of respect also. When you are constantly engaged in the same activity it is easy to take what you do for granted.

respect your work

respect for your work can be easy to lose; guard your respect for the work you do ||

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The counselor to young people can easily get used to success stories that they rarely move him compared to when he started. The leader can get used delivering results and what is expected of him that he doesn’t see as much value in it as it had earlier.

The doctor can take for granted her role to help people get better. Not that the value of what we do gets lost, we just stop recognizing and acknowledging it.

We all need to be reminded that what we do matters. Your leadership matters. Taking care of your household matters. Your work and leadership matter immensely. They could be the difference between life and death for some.

What you do can mean the difference between uplifting others or leaving them in the mire of despair. Hope dies when you disrespect your work. The possibility of innovation ceases when you do not respect your work. Humanity needs you to value what you do as a reminder that others matter.

When we have no respect for our work we abuse the resources that are supposed to enable it.

When we stop respecting our work and leadership we trifle with it and give other people the right to do the same. We devalue ourselves. Our work must not be the totality of our (self) worth. However, some of it comes from our ability to positively contribute to something greater.

Not respecting our work is synonymous with disrespecting ourselves. We insult others. We must recognize that we are all connected. Our actions, no matter how isolated they may seem have an impact on those around us and many we cannot see. These can include people who are indirectly in the chain of recipients of our work and leadership.

when we have no respect for our work we forfeit the possibility of changing the world in ways we cannot imagine

Respect is necessary for us to value what we do. Understanding value of what we do also feeds respect for our work. It is cycle that perpetuates itself. When you do not respect your own work you will eventually stop respecting the work of others.

When you’re constantly throwing stones at other people’s work it might just be that you have stopped respecting your own. We can easily become agents of demeaning value on others and their work.

Do you still have respect for your work? What are some of the instances you’re seen where respect for ones own work has been lost?  


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