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  1. I think people join fraternities, clubs or whatever you want to call them because the intention to do what you say is there but life gets really busy. Most people are juggling with so many balls, each important, it is difficult to keep them all in the air. You have to keep up with all the knowledge explosion, especially in your chosen field as well as all the stuff on personal growth. Then there is family, finances, fitness or well being, the list can get quite long, and all in a 24 hour day. Perhaps then random connections are ill advised.

    1. the challenge is that despite what is going on around you, for growth to happen in your enterprise, as a leader, you have to grow yourself… the beginning of this is growing is one’s knowledge base. random connections can happen.

      however, i recommended being intentional about interacting with others from different disciplines and planning in when you will challenge yourself with new information into your day or week.

      if leaders are serious about their growth then they have to be intentional about it, starting from building their knowledge base one way or another… i guess the balance is what separates growing leaders from ones that are not.

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