Lighter Fluid

Startups and changes in organizations have a starting point. Actually everything has a starting point. Nothing ever just happens. The state of your enterprise is a result of a combination of steps. Change is a result of progressing in a direction different from the one you were taking. It could also be a result of taking the same direction with different arsenal or perspectives.

Startups and change in enterprises are generally treated with excitement by the instigators. Some people’s response to new initiatives is that it is just another fad. The early stages of change sometimes are treated like lighter fluid; starting with a big flame, burns bright but will not last for long.

what starts flames that can last for long may not last long but it is just as important  || image by  Ryan Tir | cc

what starts flames that can last for long may not last long but it is just as important

|| image by Ryan Tir | cc

The start of something new will be marked by great passion and enthusiasm. Big fires are started by small lighter fluid. Simple things like paper must catch fire before bigger things are ignited. A log of wood cannot catch fire without the help of seemingly lesser things such as lighter fluid and paper.

This makes lighter fluid and the thought to be useless old newspapers just as important as the logs that can give flames for longer. Thus the smallest, insignificant things have the ability to start sustained growth, change and momentum. Lighter fluid can be the seen as crazy passion.

It can be treated as being unreasonable, but it has the potential to do start something that can change your enterprise and the world. Do something while you’re still passionate about it. Don’t just settle for the old, “it is not how you start but how you finish”. It matters how you start if you can help it.

Respect that start. Respect the small. What is it that you look at considered lighter fluid? Let it burn. Be bold. Be /ˈherətik/.


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