Our Fable Of Privilege

Yesterday we decided we would go to a shopping centre further than ones close to home. That centre has bigger shops and more variety. This is the start of our fable of privilege.

At bed time I didn’t bother setting the alarm on my iPhone like I do when I have an early start. Ingrid and I planned to get as much sleep as we could. We hadn’t planned it but decided what time we were leaving when we were both up.

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On What’s Possible And What Isn’t

Debates on what’s possible and what isn’t are always going to be with us. Of all generations we should know better by now. Yet, some skepticism still rules many. Possibility is not about ‘if’ but ‘when’.

So, what makes things possible?

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Here’s A Gift For You If You’re In Cape Town

UPDATE: This giveaway has ended

So, I was cleaning out my closet and discovered a goodie bag that has a gift for someone reading this. I’m so excited to be able to give this away! I think it’s very appropriate, especially taking into account that at the heart of Christmas is giving.

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